How to place an order

1. Navigate through the menus and choose your products. For example: Handcrafted Bread - Fresh Loaves - French White Hearth. A pop-up will appear.  You can then choose “Sliced” or “Unsliced” and the number of loaves you wish.    Click on “Add To My Order.”

2. When you have made your selections, go to the “My Order” bar to the right and select your order date and time by clicking “For: Specific Time.”  A pop-up will appear.  Select the pick-up date on the calendar, and then use the plus or minus signs to adjust the time setting down below          (Must be between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM.)

IMPORTANT: Be sure you are ordering for Wednesday,Thursday, Friday or Saturday only, and remember that there is a three day advance order time. (ie: order on Sunday for Wednesday pick-up.)  Once selected, click “Done.”

4. Back on the “My Order” bar, choose between pick-up and delivery.

5. Click on “Order Now” to see a map to the bakery and click “Continue” to fill in your personal information and credit card number.

You will receive a confirmation of your order.