True Grain Bread is an Old World inspired European bakery where the craft of the Miller and Baker are honed and cherished. Our passion is creating fresh, local, organic handcrafted bread.


We first opened our doors in the sleepy seaside village of Cowichan Bay in 2004, and launched a sister store in Downtown Courtenay in late 2017. The COVID-19 pandemic hit us hard, and unfortunately our Courtenay location closed permanently as a result. Thanks to our friends at Local Refillery, we continue to serve the Comox Valley community fresh bread, fresh pastries, fresh cookies, & a wide assortment of organic BC farmed flour.


Order bread and pastries online before Sunday at 6pm, and pick up every Wednesday between 3 and 5pm at Local Refillery (420 Fitzgerald Ave, Courtenay). Wanting fresh flour? Stop by Local Refillery during opening hours for a wide selection. 


We thank you for your continued support. 

Fresh Bread




  • When people think about grain in Canada, they think of the prairies. No doubt, Canadian prairie farmers are some of the most talented and dedicated in the world. But it’s still a long way from BC. Since we started sourcing all of our organic grain from BC farms, we estimate we’ve reduced our greenhouse gas emissions related to inbound transportation of flour and grain, by a whopping 68%. That’s an annual net reduction of 11 Metric tonnes of CO2.

  • One aspect of a sustainable food system is agricultural diversity. We’ve purchased BC organic grain from farmers on Vancouver Island, the North Okanagan, the Kootenays, and the Peace River Valley.

  • Buying local organic grain allows us to encourage organic farmers to grow more ancient grains and older heritage wheat, instead of the more-of-the-same choice of modern wheat. It allows farmers to increase their knowledge and experience growing these more challenging varieties, and it means a more varied, more nutritious diet for all of us.

Farm to Mill to Table


At True Grain, we are committed to the time honoured method of freshly milling pure, natural, stone ground, organic grain products; the way nature intended:

  • Pure – we seek non-hybridized heritage and ancient grains like Red Fife, Einkorn, Emmer, Spelt, Khorasan, & Rye

  • Natural – we mill on natural stones and do not add conditioners or preservatives

  • Stone Ground – we grind slowly and at low temperatures to maintain the integrity & nutrients of the grain

  • Organic – we value organic farming methods which foster healthy communities

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Imagine a world where the craftsmanship of the baker, the fragility of our planet, the integrity of the organic farmer, the strength of community and the simplicity of real food are valued and nourished


True Grain Head Office

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